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Lessons learned working with scrum

Hello I’m Stijn and I’m the latest addition to the awesome Uni-t team. Today I want to share some knowledge and experience about working in a agile / scrum environment. Hopefully these tips might help when you decide to give scrum a try.

You graduated as a web developer. Now what?

I'm one of those guys who ended up in development way too late. Seeing all those great web applications made me dream of a career in web development myself. Being 20 at the time, and having no background whatsoever, you'd probably tell me it would be a bad idea to turn things around and start a web development education. Well, you're wrong.

9 Tips for designing for the web

This article aims to provide you with 9 important tips that I have learned during my first year as a web designer at Uni-t. Some might seem obvious but it’s the sum of all these tips that will make your designs ‘work’.

5 tips on how to build your own agency website

Just as in every web agency on this planet, time is one of the most important issues we struggle with. We're dedicated to building top notch web applications and we try our best to meet every deadline we set together with our clients. Besides our weekly burgerfest, that leaves us with little time for other projects such as our own agency website.

Building on OctoberCMS

OctoberCMS is a free & open-source Content Management System (CMS) built on Laravel. It's very clean and minimal with a vast amount of extensibility and very easy for both users and developers to manage their websites. We've been searching for a while to make building simple multi-language websites easier for us. We made some WordPress websites in the past but both the developer and user experience weren't what we want out of a CMS....