Building on OctoberCMS

The platform that gets back to basics

OctoberCMS is a free & open-source Content Management System (CMS) built on Laravel. It's very clean and minimal with a vast amount of extensibility and very easy for both users and developers to manage their websites.

We need a CMS

We've been searching for a while to make building simple multi-language websites easier for us. We made some WordPress websites in the past but both the developer and user experience weren't what we want out of a CMS.

When OctoberCMS first hit the web in its early beta stages, I was instantly sold on a Laravel CMS. I've been following the development since its beginning and as soon as I thought it was useable (pretty much RC1) I wanted to use it for something.
For us as a company, truly testing a new CMS can't be done on a project we do for clients, so we just used our own new website as a test subject!


All of our new custom applications and development is done in the Laravel framework so we're all very familiar with its structure and concepts. Having a CMS that's built on the same framework is truly awesome as we can just dive into the code and change things because it's all very similar.


Media Manager

As soon as I saw the updates on the new Media Manager of OctoberCMS I was sold (I was already, but this was just icing on the cake). This thing is amazing and blows any other CMS's media managers completely out of the water.

Media manager

All the other things

  • Easy way to build plug-ins (I'll explain how I made our custom "Agency" plug-in in a future post)
  • Twig makes theming easy
  • Open source
  • Caching & optimisation by default
  • Amazing multi-language plug-in

For what my opinion is worth: OctoberCMS is an amazing CMS that allows for very rapid and easy development. It's only in RC1 but it feels like an already finished product. We'll be using this for certain in the future for smaller/simple websites.