Merak stores your data. We built their website.

Merak website

before after

A complete overhaul.

Merak is the world leader in storage management,
both on- and offline.
The company is active in Belgium, The Netherlands and Switzerland, but has clients across the entire world.

Merak already had an extensive website with plenty of information but both we and Merak decided it was time for a complete overhaul in usability, content and design.

Launch project

From the ground up.

Our professional copywriter reworked the texts and came back with only half the amount.
We wanted potential clients to find the information they are looking for in a minimum of clicks, not drown them in large pieces of texts.

After that, a brainstorm led to a clearer menu structure and to top it all off, we redesigned everything from the ground up. is now an accessible B2B website where prospects can easily find storage solutions exactly for their needs.
Launch project

Merak website